Loan Modification

Are You Struggling To Make Your Mortgage Payments?

  • Has Your Mortgage Payment Become Unaffordable?
  • Have You Tied to Refinance but Couldn’t?
  • Do You Owe More Than Your Home Is Worth?
  • Have You Suffered a Financial Hardship?
  • Is Your Loan In Default, Are You Facing Foreclosure?

I Have Solutions For You

Call Law Office of Miguel Lopez to speak to an attorney with experience in dealing with lenders and knowledge of the new loan modification rules. I offer flat fee loan modification services, and I will tell you up front if I believe that my services are not a good fit for your situation.

My office specializes in helping people find alternatives to foreclosure and the loss of their home. My objective is to make sure that you realize no matter how bad your situation has become, it may be possible to avoid foreclosure if you take prompt action. Together, we may be able to resolve your delinquency without a foreclosure sale of your home.

We can help you avoid foreclosure and/or reduce your payments through a process called "Loss Mitigation".

What is Loss Mitigation? Loss mitigation is a process that helps encourage lenders and investors to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. The loss mitigation services provided by Law Office of Miguel Lopez may include:

  • Loan Modification
  • Forbearance
  • Short Sale
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure